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Forecasting the Winter Weather

Cooler temperatures, 10 to 15 inches of snow expected this winter in mid-Missouri

As temperatures cool, Tony Lupo turns his long-term forecasting efforts toward the upcoming winter months. Lupo, a University of Missouri professor of atmospheric sciences, said mid-Missouri should expect this year’s winter to mirror last year’s for the most part. Lupo estimates that mid-Missouri will receive around 10 to 15 inches of snow and can expect cooler temperatures overall. “The trick…

The Ups and Downs of Missouri Weather

Cooler temperatures, 15 inches of snow expected in mid-Missouri

The only consistency in Missouri’s weather seems to be its inconsistency. Due to its landlocked nature, Missouri experiences a variety of climate conditions. Long-term forecasting, an already difficult science, is even tougher in Missouri considering its location in the middle of the United States. “Long-term forecasting is tough for Missouri because if you look at the typical pattern that resides…

Months of Extremes

Atmospheric scientists analyze two warmest months on record

Two months in Midwest history – March 2012 and December 1889 – stand out as the warmest winter months in more than a century of weather records. A team of University of Missouri scientists determined why these months, separated by 123 years, were so exceptional.

No April Cold Snap Repeat

Climate conditions not quite the same as 2007

The Central Plains may be spared a repeat of the historic April 4-10, 2007 cold wave that disrupted agricultural production, says a University of Missouri climate researcher. Millions of dollars in crop loss hit orchards, hay fields and newly sprouted corn.

Another Bad Winter

A strong La Nina may make this winter a "blockfest"

Tony Lupo, department chair and professor of MU atmospheric science, says the same La Niña, jet stream and atmospheric blocking patterns that brought heavy snows and below normal temperatures to the central states will probably remain in place for the winter of 2011-2012.

A Calmer Tornado Alley

Climate phenomenon may push super-cell thunderstorms to northern plains

Tornado Alley, the swath of prairie from Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri famous for twisters, may see a largely calm tornado season this year.