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Charting their path

Atmospheric Science at Mizzou celebrates 75th anniversary

Whether it’s a warm, sunny morning, ominous rumbles and dark skies signaling an approaching storm, or quiet snowflakes in winter, weather is an ever-changing companion that touches the lives of every person. Thinking about all the ways weather impacts our daily lives, it’s only fitting that a significant milestone gets its day in the sun as Atmospheric Science at Mizzou…

After Hours: (Teach You How To) Sing the Blues

Animal Sciences assistant professor uses music to teach history

Not long ago, Columbia was segregated. Reminders can be found throughout the city. From a plaque on the side of the Missouri Theater describing their former segregated policies beneath the words “Lest We Forget. Never Again!” in bold letters, to Eliot Battle Elementary, named after a man who helped to integrate Columbia public schools. Reminders of this American past can…

Looking Back 40 Years — And Beyond

MU Department of Biochemistry celebrates, reflects on its colorful history of serving as bridge between CAFNR, School of Medicine

https://vimeo.com/180361006/9240241033 It began 40 years ago with what could best be called a “grand experiment.” For decades, faculty at the University of Missouri’s Department of Biochemistry had one collective goal — to study life at the molecular level — but were in two separate units, one housed in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources under the name agricultural chemistry and…