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A Good Breakfast Every Day

Breakfast skippers should gradually increase morning protein intake

Teens who eat breakfast occasionally or habitually skip the meal experience poor metabolic response when they do start a consistent breakfast routine.

Still Soy Good for You

New research shows vegetable oil remains healthy for humans

A worry that a diet high in vegetable oil triggers inflammation and chronic disease in humans is not supported by scientific testing on humans.

Pew Scholar

Peter Cornish receives a large grant to fund research project

Peter Cornish, assistant professor of biochemistry and University of Missouri Informatics Institute core faculty, was selected as Pew Scholar in recognition for his recent research project, “Investigation of RNA Unwinding and Ribosomal Frameshifting.” Cornish’s project focuses on how viruses disrupt the function of ribosomes, large molecules in the body that create proteins and are responsible for many bodily functions. This…

Walking Man

In MU's pedometer program, no one has gone as far as Bill Lamberson

Among the 144 University of Missouri employees participating in the MU Healthy for Life Million Step Pedometer Program that rewards people for improving their health through walking, nobody comes close to the 19 million steps recorded by Bill Lamberson, professor of Physiological Genetics in CAFNR’s Animal Science Division.

Who Invited the Germs?

Bacteria may be lurking in the holiday lunch buffet table

‘Tis the season for the holiday party with plates of tasty meats, creamy pies and veggies and dips. But be careful says Andrew Clarke. Unless properly handled, these treats can send you home with a case of food poisoning as a holiday gift.

Chews Like Chicken

A heart healthy soy meal may be getting a little more satisfying

Fu-Hung Hsieh is finishing a project to create a soy product that looks, feels, pulls apart and, most importantly, chews like real chicken.