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Udder Joy

Animal Sciences graduate has a passion for cattle

Last winter, students, faculty, staff and journalists all walked out of classrooms and office buildings to look at the cow walking through Francis Quadrangle. The cow, named Amelia, was being led by then senior Massimo Montalbano, dressed in a cap and gown. If it were up to him, the Animal Sciences major would never have been there in the first…

Research Center Magazine: Testing the Herd

Genetic testing helping to strengthen the herd at Foremost Dairy

This story also appears in our University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Research Center Magazine. Stop by your local Research Center to pick up a copy! You can view the magazine online by clicking here: Road to Discovery.  In 2014, Pastel, a Holstein heifer, was born at the Foremost Dairy Research Center. The calf was…

A Unanimous Choice

Denbigh honored with Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder Award

Since 1978, the Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder Award has honored an individual who is an active Missouri dairy cattle breeder and has achieved recognition for accomplishments in breeding and developing outstanding cattle. John Denbigh, whose career at the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources has spanned more than 30 years, took home the award in 2018.…