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Quality Beef

Quality Beef By the Numbers aims to boost producer profits

Quality Beef by the Numbers is the official name of a University of Missouri and industry joint project to boost the quantity of Prime and Choice grade beef produced in Missouri and neighboring states.

Gnawing Problem

Checking for termites can prevent big issues in the future

The mouth of a termite might be small, but an infestation can take a big bite out of a home if left undetected. “They feed one bite at a time, but because there can be hundreds of thousands or millions in a colony, that damage can build up over months or years,” said Richard Houseman, associate professor of Plant Sciences…

A Presidential Honor 2

Grace Sun recognized for sustained excellence

Grace Sun, professor of biochemistry, was awarded the 2012 University of Missouri System President’s Award for Sustained Excellence.

A View From Industry

CEO of Center for Food Integrity discusses U.S. food system

Charlie Arnot, a public relations expert on the the U.S. food system, spoke one-on-one with students and faculty as part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Reich Family Professor for a Day Program.

Will Race For Food

KOPN wins Float Your Boat for the Food Bank cardboard trophy

One was shaped like a picnic basket. Another was built to look like a gray Stealth bomber.  Still another was constructed to resemble a submarine.  Then there was the one with a giant dog head, complete with wagging tail and flapping tongue.  They shared one thing – they were all made of cardboard and duct tape and raced in the…

Chew on This

Cash strapped consumers are eating less meat

Tighter household budgets, higher grocery prices, fewer animals on the market and more meat going to foreign countries are causing the average U.S. consumer to eat less meat and poultry, according to a University of Missouri professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

Will Float For Food

CAFNR's Cardboard Regatta to benefit The Food Bank

CAFNR and The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri are giving amateur boat builders a chance to row to victory in the inaugural Float Your Boat for the Food Bank Cardboard Regatta, April 21, at A. Perry Philips Park, 5050 Bristol Lake Parkway.

Making Black Gold

MU students explore best practices for turning dining hall scraps into nutrient-rich compost.

Last November, Tim Reinbott, superintendent at Bradford Research Center, launched an ambitious project to harness a valuable resource that was being trucked to Columbia’s landfill each day — the leftover lasagna, discarded desserts and other pre-and post-consumer food scraps from nine dining halls on MU’s campus. Two-hundred fifty tons of the stuff was going to the dump every year. The…

The Chicken That Isn’t

MU soy chicken to hit commercial market

A food company will use CAFNR research to launch a new food product that not only tastes like chicken, but chews like it, too.

From Field to Table, Connecting Students to their Food

Sustainable agriculture major nationally recognized for leadership

Sustainable agriculture major Monica Everett was recognized nationally for her leadership on food policy at Mizzou. She’s created partnerships on and off campus to increase student awareness of where their food comes from, and worked to bring healthy, local food to campus and to area food pantries.