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Taking it to a Higher Degree

MU's Hospitality Management Excited to Offer Online Degree in Food and Beverage

In 2013, the Hospitality Management Program received a $250,000 grant to create an online degree completion program. The department chose the Food and Beverage area as the first of their emphases to develop and launch as an online degree. The program is designed for two primary student target audiences; two-year hospitality and culinary programs in community colleges, and the United States Military’s…

Toning Down the Smell

New computer models help concentrated
animal producers improve air quality

Teng Teeh Lim recently received a $50,000 Mizzou Advantage grant to develop a computer model that allows large producers to use the size and other simple information about their swine or dairy farm to give them a better idea of the amount of emissions and what they can do to address odor or emission issues.