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Feasting on Famine: Fighting ‘Hidden Hunger’ and Food Waste

Kiruba Krishnaswamy focuses on preventing food loss and extracting useful resources from food waste

Like many people, Kiruba Krishnaswamy loves to eat. She even calls herself a foodie, and she loves to explore the cuisines of different cultures. Despite her lifelong love of food, Krishnaswamy, an assistant professor of biological engineering, had never heard of food engineering before she went to college, but she was intrigued by it. One reason for her interest was…

CAFNR Welcomes NIFA Director

Sonny Ramaswamy discusses food security issues facing the world

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources welcomed Sonny Ramaswamy to campus last week to discuss several food security issues. Ramaswamy is the director of the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Ramaswamy’s talk was titled, “Feeding the world with user-inspired science.” After his hour-long seminar, he took questions for a…

A Day at The World Food Prize

CAFNR delegation makes its mark on international food security symposium

Norman Borlaug — a renowned agronomist, wheat geneticist and humanitarian — founded The World Food Prize in 1986 as a way to recognize the accomplishments of people throughout the world who have bettered mankind by increasing the quantity, quality and availability of food throughout the world. At its founding, it was intended to be a Nobel Prize of sorts for food…

International Fellowship

Borlaug Fellows brings scientists to Mizzou from around the world

Since 2007, thMU has participated in a national program emphasizing cultural exchange and international collaboration in a research context.

Setting the World’s Plate

CAFNR panel discusses strategies to meet global challenges

Two billion. That’s the projected global population growth by 2050. It’s the equivalent of adding more than six times the current U.S. population to the planet. Feeding 9 billon people while conserving natural resources, improving global health and fostering greater equality were a few of the many challenges discussed at the recent Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD)…

A Global Pioneer

MU professor Jere Gilles builds bridges across cultures

Jere Gilles knew he wanted to serve in the Peace Corps before it even existed. “When I was in sixth grade I sort of thought JFK (President John F. Kennedy) stole the idea from me,” said Gilles, an associate professor of rural sociology in CAFNR’s Division of Applied Social Sciences. Gilles’ grandparents were homesteaders in Montana and he grew up…

Better Food Choices

CAFNR team collaborates to improve food pantry nutrition

CAFNR wants to help make the lives of low-income families a little healthier. The Food Pantry Nutrition Project is partnering researchers with eight mid-Missouri food pantries to improve nutrition.

Sailing Orders

'Cardboard captains' get ready for April 21 race for The Food Bank

In a warehouse with a mountain of cardboard boxes ready for the taking, skippers and crew building boats for the first Float Your Boat for the Food Bank regatta got a briefing on how the race will be run.

Will Float For Food

CAFNR's Cardboard Regatta to benefit The Food Bank

CAFNR and The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri are giving amateur boat builders a chance to row to victory in the inaugural Float Your Boat for the Food Bank Cardboard Regatta, April 21, at A. Perry Philips Park, 5050 Bristol Lake Parkway.

Collaborating for a Healthy Future

CAFNR partners with the Food Bank to boost healthy food donations

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources has established a year-long relationship with The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri to boost healthy food donations to the Food Bank.