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Keeping Consumers Safe

MU Extension and partners offer online training for Midwest produce growers

Produce contamination accounts for an estimated 46% of foodborne illnesses across the United States each year — a serious issue affecting health, the economy and society as a whole. Even in the midst of the current pandemic, safety training for produce farmers is not only vital, but required for many, said MU Extension horticulture field specialist Patrick Byers. To combat contamination issues, the federal…

Answering the Call

MU freshman becomes first Borlaug-Ruan intern in school history

The world of Holly Enowski has always moved fast and on schedule. Before coming into her freshmen year at the University of Missouri this fall, Enowski engaged in several activities during her time as a student at Eldon (Missouri) High School and with other organizations such as the FFA. So it was no surprise that in April of this year…


Nanoparticles can be in our food, but are they safe?

CAFNR researchers are investigating the toxicity of nanoparticles and a detection method to be able to identify nanoparticles in our food

MU food safety experts to build a US-China food science curriculum

A team of food scientists at the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources has been awarded a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to help MU students learn how to better detect and deal with contamination issues in the global food chain. The grant will also build a partnership with a leading Chinese university to disseminate food safety knowledge and analytical techniques to Chinese faculty, students and the country’s food industry to help alleviate problems at their source.