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Looking for ‘The Face of Hunger’

Local food bank uses research from CAFNR researcher, students to better serve hungry Missourians

First, there was what seemed like a simple request in 2005. That’s when Peggy Kirkpatrick, then the director of The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, asked Sandy Rikoon, Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor in rural sociology in the Division of Applied Social Sciences, and his team to do a survey of households in the 32 counties that comprise the food…

Cardboard Armada

50+ boats entered in Float Your Boat for the Food Bank race

More than 50 cardboard boats constructed by student groups, community organizations, businesses, individuals, families and media companies have registered to compete in the April 20 Float Your Boat for the Food Bank cardboard boat race.

A Community of Food

MU to foster food pantry capacity, education in rural Missouri

The Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and the Health Communication Research Center housed in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, will work to increase the availability of healthy foods and nutrition education in food pantries in Missouri.

Breaking Bread

Summit partners researchers with those dealing with food insecurity

Sandy Rikoon is conducting an experiment with his food insecurity symposium Oct. 17-19. Rather than hold sessions where academics present their research conclusions into the causes and consequences of insufficient food distribution in America, the director of MU’s Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security is creating a forum where the people on the front lines of the problem will tell the researchers how they use current data and what new information are needed.

A Sweet and Nutritious Treat for Missouri Families

Bradford Research Center donates sweet corn to The Food Bank

Sweet corn says summer in Missouri like sultry afternoons, baseball and lemonade stands. This week, hundreds of families in central and northeast Missouri will have fresh sweet corn to enjoy thanks to a partnership between the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) and the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. A vacation Bible school class from Midway…

Horticulture and Agroforestry Field Day Set for June 30

The Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center (HARC), famous for its Chestnut Festival, will host a Field Day on Saturday, June 30. Two tours will cover more than a dozen topics from raising truffles, nuts and fruits to establishing alley cropping systems and growing biomass in a flood plain.

Better Food Choices

CAFNR team collaborates to improve food pantry nutrition

CAFNR wants to help make the lives of low-income families a little healthier. The Food Pantry Nutrition Project is partnering researchers with eight mid-Missouri food pantries to improve nutrition.

Sailing Orders

'Cardboard captains' get ready for April 21 race for The Food Bank

In a warehouse with a mountain of cardboard boxes ready for the taking, skippers and crew building boats for the first Float Your Boat for the Food Bank regatta got a briefing on how the race will be run.

Will Float For Food

CAFNR's Cardboard Regatta to benefit The Food Bank

CAFNR and The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri are giving amateur boat builders a chance to row to victory in the inaugural Float Your Boat for the Food Bank Cardboard Regatta, April 21, at A. Perry Philips Park, 5050 Bristol Lake Parkway.

Whole Hog

CAFNR to Donate Half-Ton of Sausage to the Food Bank

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri is donating 1,000 lbs. of lean pork sausage worth about $2,000 to The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.