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After the Deluge

More than a year after historic flooding, repairs still ongoing at MU Graves-Chapple Research Center and in NW Missouri

Historic flooding along the Missouri River in 2019 has left many still repairing damage this fall. Cold, snowy weather in early 2019 set the stage for significant flooding in northwestern Missouri as spring approached, said University of Missouri Extension state climatologist Pat Guinan. “The flooding got off to an early start in mid-March when an unusually strong and moisture-laden late…

Battling Soil Saturation

Poorly drained soils cause headaches for landowners

Poorly drained soils cause numerous headaches for landowners, including reduced crop production and environmental nitrogen loss. It’s a problem that Peter Motavalli and Kelly Nelson, both with the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, have worked for years to combat. One of their field trials was published in the first Agronomy Journal of 2017. The trial…