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The Popcorn Machine

CAFNR student owns and operates his own business  

During his freshman year, Gavin Spoor planted his first crop. Six acres of soybean in Martinsburg, Missouri, about an hour outside of Columbia. Gavin, now a junior and studying agricultural systems management in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, knew he wanted to be a farmer since he was a kid, when he rode tractors with local farmers.…

Less feed, more filling

MU researchers are determining why some cows need less food to achieve weight goals

Researchers at the University of Missouri may someday be able to help ranchers identify cattle that mysteriously have the ability to gain weight while eating less. By breeding herds of these otherwise ordinary animals, farmers may be able to decrease one of their significant business costs.

A promising new way to grow rice

A research program succeeds in spite of a passing hurricane

Despite being battered by the remnants of Hurricane Ike, an experiment to grow rice under center-pivot sprinkler irrigation yielded as much or more of the grain as conventional methods. This new technique may allow farmers to produce the crop in areas where it cannot be grown now, helping produce more food for a hungry world.