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After Hours: (Teach You How To) Sing the Blues

Animal Sciences assistant professor uses music to teach history

Not long ago, Columbia was segregated. Reminders can be found throughout the city. From a plaque on the side of the Missouri Theater describing their former segregated policies beneath the words “Lest We Forget. Never Again!” in bold letters, to Eliot Battle Elementary, named after a man who helped to integrate Columbia public schools. Reminders of this American past can…

Growing Agriculture

Agriculture Education Days provide students with vast amounts of information

September and October are plenty busy for the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Research Centers. Along with the everyday research that takes place at each Center, there were Field Days to be hosted and crops readied for harvest. Mixed in with that busyness are Agriculture Education Days. These days are designed to give high…

Working For a Better Tomorrow

Beverley Flatt took her love for agriculture to Australia

Beverley Flatt’s love for agriculture wasn’t passed down through generations of family-owned farms. Instead, that love was developed and it continues to grow each day. Beverley – a 2011 University of Missouri graduate from Republic, Missouri – recently took her vast agricultural knowledge to international soil. Beverley was selected to represent the United States at the Youth Ag-Summit from Aug.…

Spring Commencement

CAFNR and SNR will graduate 454 on May 12

After four or more years of hard work, 454 graduates from the MU School of Natural Resources and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources will receive their degrees and begin their careers.

CAFNR Honors Legacy of a Champion for Student Financial Aid

Allan Purdy, who dedicated his life to removing financial barriers to higher education, died Oct. 14, 2010 after suffering a stroke. He was 96. “With the passing of Allan Purdy, the financial aid community and students lose an irreplaceable advocate for college access and success,” said National Association of Student Financial Aid Administration President Justin Draeger. “Purdy was a pioneer…

Ready for the next computer challenge?

Students investigate use of hand-held devices in education

Responding to a challenge by Apple Computer and AT&T, students from several University of Missouri colleges will form interdisciplinary teams to identify and design mobile device applications for education and journalism.