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Working to Benefit Society

Pavel Somavat’s research is focused on a variety of topics, including corn processing, and preparation and stability of natural food colors

Pavel Somavat spent four years teaching electrical engineering at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, a land-grant university located in India. Somavat enjoyed the underlying philosophy and offerings of the land-grant system – and when he had an opportunity to take a faculty position at one of the two land-grant universities in Missouri, he jumped at the chance. Somavat joined the University…

A Strategic Change

Agricultural Systems Management is updating its program name to Agricultural Systems Technology to reflect new strategic priorities

It was just a few years after Leon Schumacher joined the University of Missouri that the agricultural mechanization program changed its name to Agricultural Systems Management (ASM). The program, located in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Division of Food Systems and Bioengineering (FSB), updated its name in the early 1990s to reflect the changing teaching focus,…