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Making Connections

Exercise and physiology faculty use strong collaboration at MU to learn more about body systems

What do little girls dreaming of being an astronaut and women with sleep apnea have in common? They may both benefit from the research of Jackie Limberg, assistant professor in nutrition and physiology. When Limberg and her team of graduate students were examining the effects of hypoxia — low oxygen — and the body’s response, they found that women and…

An Entrepreneurial Desire

Jason Zhang's interest in food science led him to the University of Missouri

Jason Zhang grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit – as well as an interest in food science. He now pursues both passions as cofounder of Layer Origin Nutrition, a group focused on human gut health, specifically forward-thinking prebiotics. Zhang’s path to running his own business comprised of a handful of stops, including a few years at the University of Missouri,…