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Little Kids, Big Impact

Informal rural child care is a surprisingly large industry

The informal child care industry created more than 128,000 jobs and added about $971.5 million in total value to the state of Kansas in 2005.

No Drought of Ideas

CAFNR researchers study effects of drought by making their own

Droughts have a devastating effect on farms. In Missouri and most of the world, droughts are the leading cause of crop failure. They increase consumer costs, kill livestock, reduce crop yields and trigger wildfires and dust storms. They also can cause malnutrition and famine, social unrest and political instability. To combat these drought problems, researchers at Bradford Research Center have…

Listening for Danger

Plants respond to leaf vibrations caused by insects' chewing

In a collaboration that brings together audio and chemical analysis, MU researchers have determined that plants respond to the sounds that caterpillars make when eating plants and that the plants respond with more defenses.

Ride of His Life

AgrAbility helps injured horse trainer return to the saddle

Mizzou’s AgrAbility project connects injured farmers and ranchers with resources so that they can remain on the farm or in the saddle.

Soybean ‘Big Data’ Online

Infrastructure promotes collaboration among researchers

A new online data resource, the Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), will allow greater collaboration among international researchers, scientists and farmers to solve questions encountered in soybean research.

Fellow Communicators

CAFNR program brings its researchers' communication skills to the highest level

A hand-picked group of CAFNR faculty recently had the opportunity to learn how to communicate science effectively to differing audiences. CAFNR agronomy alum and expert science communicator Mary Schon is guiding the third group of CAFNR Communications Fellows through comprehensive communications training, including speeches, presentations, quick “elevator speeches” and media interviews, and then be available for comment when the need…

Boots on the Green

Therapy with a recreational twist

Boots on the Green helps veterans with disabilities enjoy the therapeutic benefits of golf.

Millions of miles to a Golden Apple

CAFNR students circle the globe in search of learning, lead by the director of the Study Abroad Program

University of Missouri students love going abroad to study.  They come home to report that the experiences have changed their view of the world and other cultures.  They enthusiastically share their new ideas for worthwhile careers in places that were once only names on a paper map. Helping College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources students to successfully and safely…