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Challenge Accepted

Rodney Geisert has developed a passion for randonneuring

Randonneuring, or long-distance cycling, is a sport that tests the physical strength, mental endurance and determination of an individual. For Rodney Geisert, it’s the perfect test. Geisert is a University of Missouri professor of animal sciences. He started cycling seriously in 2006. While Geisert began with shorter rides, he quickly moved on to longer ones – and now participates in…

In High Gear

Waterfowl researcher turns biking into way of life

It’s attention-grabbing. It’s out of the ordinary. And as Lisa Webb will tell you, the souped up “speaker bike” that normally rests in the middle of her garage is fully functional in spite of its front-heavy appearance. “Oh yeah,” says Webb. “My husband’s an engineer.” The red Trek road bike sports twin speakers, a karaoke system, an iPod station and…

Pedaling to New Heights

Alumni Profile

Mizzou Alum Prepares to “Cycle for the Summit”

CAFNR Alum Brent McCauley is about to embark on an expedition most would call crazy. McCauley and his friend Michael Hunter are about to climb the highest point in every state while cycling across the country. They’re using only their physical power to travel the 25,000-plus miles and climb each peak.