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At the Forefront

Biochemistry senior class becomes first undergraduate teaching lab to use state-of-the-art beamline for X-ray crystallography

Only one word sums up what Kyle Stiers felt when the first crystals started to grow: “Relief.” The now second-year biochemistry doctoral student had spent close to a year working behind the scenes to ensure that a new portion of a senior capstone class involving X-ray crystallography and protein structural analysis — using the state-of-the-art Advanced Light Source synchroton 4.2.2 beamline…

Filling in the Gaps of HIV

Biochemist helps discover major protein in deadly virus

Seeing the whole picture can mean a lot when it comes to figuring out HIV. Researchers at the University of Missouri Bond Life Sciences Center are gaining a clearer idea of what a key protein in HIV looks like, which will help explain the flexible protein’s vital role in the virus life cycle. The protein the researchers imaged is a building…