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A Legacy of Service

CAFNR alumnus Lowell Mohler honored with MAA’s Distinguished Service Award

Lowell Mohler says he’s had a good life focused around three things – family, friends and “a lot of luck!” While you can debate whether the third one is really “luck” or a lot of hard work, there’s no question he’s had a good life – and one that has had a front seat to – and a big hand…

Making An Observation

Andrew Scaboo has found a passion for bird watching

As a soybean breeder, Andrew Scaboo describes himself as an observational scientist. It’s a personality trait that has transitioned into other aspects of his life. While finishing his master’s degree at the University of Tennessee, Scaboo and his wife received two bird feeders from family members. Scaboo installed both in their backyard – and the observation soon began. “It’s just…

Fresh Air, Fresh Perspectives

CAFNR donor creates endowed professorship to promote conservation, youth education

Under a large tree that helps to block out the September sun, Pat Jones talks about the three types of the thousands of children each year who come and visit the Prairie Fork Conservation Area: “Some of them hate it. Some of them learn something and some of them take an interest home with them. If you get one out…

Conserving Futures

Executive-in-Residence helps students see unconventional paths to careers

Sara Parker Pauley believes “we are all in this together.” Although she was referring to conservation of our natural resources, it’s also the way she feels about giving back to students in related fields from her position as the current director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and recently selected director of the Missouri Department of Conservation. She will take…

Northern Exposure

June 27 field day at Bradford looks at managing bobwhite quail habitat

A June 27 field day at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Center will look at how farmers, landowners and wildlife enthusiasts can manage habitat for northern bobwhite quail. The northern bobwhite, a small upland game bird, was once abundant in Missouri, but intensive farming and other changes in land use eliminated much of its habitat. In the Midwest, bobwhite…

Going Native

Study looks to find which native species performs best to help crop yields

Study at Bradford Research Center looks to find which native species performs best to help crop yields.

Executive-in-Residence: David White

An Ag- Conservation Partnership

MU alumni returns as CAFNR Executive-in-Residence to talk about progress David White, chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, has seen positive changes in conservation since his graduation from the University of Missouri in 1980. Most important, he said, is the realization that agriculture and conservation can work in partnership for the benefit of both. White spoke to MU conservation,…

Going Green on the Farm

An MU-directed project will help animal farmers buy efficient equipment, learn energy-saving techniques

Saving energy is a great way to reduce costs in agriculture operations. Upfront equipment expenditures or a lack of knowledge about best conversion practices can be obstacles to implementing improvements, however. To help Missouri animal farmers go green and save money, a team made up of the University of Missouri (MU), Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA), Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA), and EnSave, Inc., will partner to provide energy audits, loans, interest buy downs, rebates and grants to retrofit energy-saving equipment.