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Gardeners Make Community Impact

Greene County Master Gardeners donate fresh grown produce to local food pantries

Those who have planted gardens feel that they have “done something for the good of the whole world,” wrote American author Charles Dudley Warner in 1871. For Greene County Master Gardeners Maryfrances DiGirolamo and James Hilburn, gardening has become a way to give back to their community, doing “something for the good of the world.” They use their University of…

Sowing Community, Growing Gardens

McKelvey leads Community Garden Coalition into 30th season

Like many folks new to community gardening, Bill McKelvey did not have a banner year in his first season.

Pursuing the Public Good

Whether the mechanism is a bulldozer or Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Christopher Fulcher wields tools for a singular purpose: to help people improve their communities. Fulcher, Co-Director of the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems(CARES) in the Division of Applied Social Sciences at CAFNR, launched his career in community development on the island nation of Nevis in the Eastern…

Sewing Economic Success

Sometimes, small town skills lead to big places. For Judy Stallmann, an MU professor of agricultural and applied economics, rural sociology and community development extension in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (CAFNR), and public affairs at the Truman School of Public Affairs, the skills she gained growing up on a farm in Iowa helped launch an international career…

The Volunteer Tourist

Getting and giving the best in a vacation

Volunteer tourism is an emerging trend in the travel industry. Here, tourists engage in some sort of volunteerism in addition to typical vacation activities. Volunteer tourists might build schools or homes in developing countries, or even provide medical care, as part of their trips.

A Question of Revenue

States should treat tax policy as an investment portfolio

Judith Stallmann, a professor of community development extension, agricultural and applied economics and rural sociology in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, said that state governments should treat tax policy as they would an investment portfolio.