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Growing Together

Anna Hartke and Mark Wendell have grown professionally and personally while pursuing degrees at MU

While the Swine Club at the University of Missouri was valuable professionally for both Anna Hartke and Mark Wendell, it also proved to be special on a personal level. Hartke and Wendell grew up in different parts of Illinois and both arrived at Mizzou as animal sciences majors in 2016. They had a couple of courses together during their freshmen…

Veterinarian Beefs Up Bovine Technology

County veterinarian Imogene Latimer serves cattle producers in northeastern Missouri

Country veterinarian Imogene Hemeyer Latimer wasn’t born in a barn. However, it is where you will find her during spring calving and weaning season. Latimer serves cattle producers in northeastern Missouri. She joined the General Veterinary Clinic in Monroe City in 1987 after graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. MU Extension livestock specialist Daniel Mallory said…