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Science Night at Jefferson Farm and Garden

JFG to host an evening of discussion on various weather and climate topics

Jefferson Farm and Garden will host an evening of scientific discussion centered on weather and climate in late August. The event will feature the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ atmospheric science program, as well as two live broadcasts by KOMU-TV Chief Meteorologist Kenton Gewecke, who has a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric sciences from MU. The…

The Ups and Downs of Missouri Weather

Cooler temperatures, 15 inches of snow expected in mid-Missouri

The only consistency in Missouri’s weather seems to be its inconsistency. Due to its landlocked nature, Missouri experiences a variety of climate conditions. Long-term forecasting, an already difficult science, is even tougher in Missouri considering its location in the middle of the United States. “Long-term forecasting is tough for Missouri because if you look at the typical pattern that resides…

Making Good Management Decisions

MU Extension researchers create automated system to track precipitation

Nearly five years ago, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) revised its CAFO regulatory rules for catastrophic and chronic weather events. CAFOs, concentrated animal feeding operations, are large animal agricultural facilities that raise a specific number of animals in production barns or confinement pens. Because catastrophic and chronic weather events happen, MDNR can issue a permit to a farmer…

Hot 2012

MU climatologist: last year was warmest since 1895

2012 is the warmest year on record in Missouri since 1895 when climatologists began recording temperatures.