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Singular Sensation

CAFNR researchers help blaze new trail with single cell isolation technologies

After opening a cold storage unit nestled inside the Sears Greenhouse, Beverly Agtuca points at one soybean plant growing in an inoculant of rhizobia, a special kind of bacteria that fixes nitrogen. Then she moves those plants next to a batch of soybean sprouts growing without the rhizobia bacteria, but with a traditional nitrogen-laden fertilizer. Given the plants’ collective youth…

Open to Business

Radiology professor begins work on a record third Coulter research project

Pick a scribble, any scribble. Raghuraman Kannan offers you a choice: Point at any sketch on the two dry erase boards in his office — both rife with numbers, letters, arrows and other scribbles — and he will tell you exactly which project it is affiliated with out of the 18 or so currently on his plate. “Everything’s there,” he says.…