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An Innovative Study Abroad Program

Nix Cannady is working toward their veterinary medicine degree through the FEEPASS Programme at the University of Glasgow

Through an innovative study abroad program, University of Missouri senior Nix Cannady is finishing their animal sciences degree in Scotland – and getting a jumpstart in the University of Glasgow’s veterinary medicine degree program. Cannady is working toward their veterinary medicine degree through the Facilitated Early Entry Programme for Animal Science Students (FEEPASS) in the School of Veterinary Medicine at…

Finding Joy in New Experiences

The Italy study abroad program allowed Lauren Tippen to experience growth in numerous ways

As a hospitality management student, Lauren Tippen was excited to participate in the Italy study abroad program last year through the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). That program is focused on the hospitality industry in Italy, as well as Italian culture. The pandemic forced the cancellation of the program, though, and Tippen, a senior,…

An International Explorer

Shanon Dickerson encourages students to see the world

Sitting in an economics class as a business major at Illinois College, Shanon Dickerson wanted to be just about anywhere else in the world. Little did she know that international travel would soon become a massive part of her life and, eventually, her career. Dickerson switched her major from business to Spanish, and quickly fell in love with the opportunities…