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A Day at The World Food Prize

CAFNR delegation makes its mark on international food security symposium

Norman Borlaug — a renowned agronomist, wheat geneticist and humanitarian — founded The World Food Prize in 1986 as a way to recognize the accomplishments of people throughout the world who have bettered mankind by increasing the quantity, quality and availability of food throughout the world. At its founding, it was intended to be a Nobel Prize of sorts for food…

International Fellowship

Borlaug Fellows brings scientists to Mizzou from around the world

Since 2007, thMU has participated in a national program emphasizing cultural exchange and international collaboration in a research context.

Bioengineering for Basic Needs

We cook omelets, stir-fry vegetables and boil pasta within minutes with the turn of a switch. For much of the world, cooking food is not so simple, and involves first gathering fuel to make fire — and often that fuel source is wood. It’s a problem when that wood is far from home, and when the resource isn’t replenished. Francisco…