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For Better Bovine

Thompson Research Center Field Day to highlight management strategies to improve beef cattle production

The annual Field Day, which will be held Sept. 16, will feature informational talks and opportunities to connect with agricultural industry professionals, vendors and experts.

A Quality Win

Missouri Quality Beef Team recognized for integration of research, education, extension

The Missouri Quality Beef by the Numbers team was awarded the 2013 National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Partnership Award for Mission Integration of Research, Education and Extension. The MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources nominated the team, consisting of David Patterson and Michael Smith (reproductive biologists); Jerry Taylor and Robert Schnabel (geneticists); Monty Kerley (ruminant nutritionist); D. Scott Brown and Joseph Parcell (agricultural economists); Scott Poock (veterinarian); and F. Duane Dailey (journalist). They were honored for outstanding achievement in promoting the improved production of beef through innovative integrated research, education and extension programs in reproduction, genetics and beef cattle management.

Farm Outlook 2013

Cattle and crop prices lower, a bullish dairy market

University of Missouri agricultural economists predict a mixed bag of cattle, diary and crop prices in 2013.

Stretching Feed Supplies

MU Beef Nutritionist Justin Sexten helps producers extend forage supplies through the winter

For the second year in a row, Missouri farmers endured a significant drought, stressing crops, impacting yields and limiting forage supplies for livestock producers. Justin Sexten, beef nutritionist in CAFNR’s Division of Animal Sciences, partnered with the Missouri Corn Merchandizing Council, the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and Mississippi Lime to demonstrate how  to improve digestibility of corn stover and lower-quality CRP…

Cooler Cows

Heat-stress app helps producers reduce livestock losses

Livestock researchers at College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are developing a smartphone app enabling cattle producers to more conveniently and reliably monitor livestock conditions in relation to local temperature and humidity levels.

Profit By the Numbers

QB helps increase higher quality calves worth more at market time

The University of Missouri rolled out the Quality Beef by the Numbers program last week. The project helps producers raise more calves that grade USDA Prime by using highly proven sires.

Quality Beef

Quality Beef By the Numbers aims to boost producer profits

Quality Beef by the Numbers is the official name of a University of Missouri and industry joint project to boost the quantity of Prime and Choice grade beef produced in Missouri and neighboring states.

Wanted: Better Beef

Improved breeding could meet demand for high-quality beef

With better genetics, Missouri beef producers can help supply the growing demand for high-quality beef, said a University of Missouri Extension beef specialist.

Forage Systems Research Center Field Day

This summer’s drought and heat put pressure on many Missouri livestock producers. Researchers from the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources presented strategies to deal with those pressures and shared ongoing research on pasture management and improvement at the Forage Systems Research Center’s Field Day on Sept. 29.

Healthier and More Efficient Cows

MU team studies feed efficiency and participates in respiratory disease study

With the help of two grants totaling more than $14 million from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, research teams led by the University of Missouri and Texas A&M University will focus on developing methodologies to breed cattle that more efficiently utilize feed and that are more resistant to Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).