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Important Interactions

Greenley Field Day featured discussions on beef, crops and integrated pest management

A wide variety of agriculture topics were presented on during the Greenley Research Center Field Day, which took place Tuesday, Aug. 6. Guests heard presentations related to beef, crops and integrated pest management. There were several new discussions during the event, including talks related to industrial hemp and precision agriculture. “We made sure to feature projects that our local farmers…

A Change in Pace

Thompson Research Center field day moves to evening format

With a change in field day format, the Thompson Research Center brought the same informative presentations at a different time on Thursday, Sept. 21. In the past, the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Thompson Research Center field day has been held in the morning hours with a free lunch. This year’s event was moved to…

Covering a Wide Variety of Topics

More than 400 people attend Southwest Research Center field day

With a focus on its diverse variety of research, the Southwest Research Center field day featured 20 speakers who presented on everything from pawpaws to seafood production. The field day, held Saturday, Sept. 9, also had several activities for children. This is the second year that Southwest has hosted its field day on a Saturday, focusing on bringing families to…

Couple Returns from Asia to Provide Produce for Rolla Area

Now they are teaching others how to "Grow Your Farm"

Eric and Pathoumma Meusch had a hard time finding good-quality, locally grown foods when they moved from Asia to Eric’s hometown of Rolla. They grew their own food and soon received requests from friends and neighbors to buy food. They opened Meusch Farms in 2010. They shared their experiences at a recent “Grow Your Farm” workshop sponsored by University of…

Staying Fresh

Study shows that LED lighting can leave hamburger meat with more red color in deli cases longer than incandescent bulbs

Nutritionally, nothing is different when red meat, say ground beef for instance, darkens to brown, but try telling that to the average customer at a grocery store. “That’s the number one driver that consumers have,” said Carol Lorenzen about the bright redness quality of meat. A research team involving that included Lorenzen, professor of meat science in the Division of…

Presenting Useful Information for Producers

Thompson Research Center Field Day focuses on beef cattle

The Thompson Research Center explores beef cattle production systems and hosts an annual Field Day to bring those findings to local producers and landowners. The Thompson Research Center Field Day, held Tuesday, Sept. 20, in Spickard, showcased topics such as genomics, economic opportunities and drone surveillance. The Thompson Research Center is one of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture,…

Improving Beef Cattle Production

Thompson Research Center takes a look at beef cattle during annual Field Day

SPICKARD, MO. – Creating strategies to enhance beef cattle production was the core focus of the Thompson Research Center Field Day, held Tuesday, Sept. 15. More than 150 farmers, producers and students heard numerous topics on management strategies to improve beef cattle production. “We had a really great crowd and a lot of great presentations,” Superintendent Rodney Geisert said. “Guests…

A Learning Experience

Southwest Research Center touches on numerous topics during Field Day

MT. VERNON, MO. – Guests heard research on a variety of topics during the Southwest Research Center Field Day, held on Friday, Sept. 11. More than 200 farmers and producers attended the event, which covered agricultural topics such as beef and forages. “This year we had more than 20 speakers providing wide-ranging, timely and pertinent information to a great group…

A Donation to Benefit Bovine

CAFNR Grad Bruce Loewenberg begins tradition of Salers cattle partnership

In early October, a donation of a herd of 18 Salers from CAFNR grad Bruce Loewenberg were delivered to South Farm Research Center. It is the beginning of a continuous collaboration with Loewenberg, as each spring and fall around two dozen weaned heifers will be given to CAFNR’s beef cattle program.

Rebuilding the Herd

Heifer management helps to produce quality beef

Rebuilding the U.S. cow herd numbers takes more than keeping female offspring to breed. Managing beef heifers is as important as using improved genetics in developing replacements, says David Patterson, professor at College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. As farmers save heifers to breed for increasing their cow herds, careful attention must be paid…