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Getting Social

Jared Decker uses social media channels to educate beef producers

University of Missouri Extension specialists put a strong focus on interacting with Missouri producers, farmers and ranchers. Jared Decker, a beef geneticist, is taking that interaction one step further. Decker has put forth extra effort on several social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and message boards. He uses those channels to promote his blog, A Steak in Genomics. The blog…

Tackling A Challenge

Jared Decker has received a grant for $3 million to study to cattle genetics

As a beef geneticist and extension specialist, Jared Decker spends a lot of time discussing issues and challenges with Missouri producers, farmers and ranchers. One of those challenges is finding the right cattle for different environments. Cattle that are poorly adapted to their environment don’t perform as well as those that are comfortable with their surroundings. “We’re trying to create…

An Extension of Themselves

CAFNR alums donate estate gift of $2.65 million to help further beef genomics and nutrition research

It was not glamorous work that helped get Marge Slayton through her undergraduate years as a home economics major at the University of Missouri in the late ’60s and early ’70s. She had a job at the poultry department within the Division of Animal Sciences where she would collect research data. “Barry always kids me and says that I worked…