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From Trash to Treasure

Collaboration across CAFNR looks to use nuisance fish product for humanitarian aid

Since he started promoting eating Asian carp as a way to reduce the environmental impact to Midwestern waterways from these invasive fish about four years ago, Mark Morgan has received many calls and emails from folks with suggestions of their own on reducing the population. One call caught his attention a few years back, and just this fall, all the…

Northern Exposure

June 27 field day at Bradford looks at managing bobwhite quail habitat

A June 27 field day at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Center will look at how farmers, landowners and wildlife enthusiasts can manage habitat for northern bobwhite quail. The northern bobwhite, a small upland game bird, was once abundant in Missouri, but intensive farming and other changes in land use eliminated much of its habitat. In the Midwest, bobwhite…