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CAFNR Grad’s Photographs Show Love of Farming

Donated corneas give Tyler Mudd a vision for the future

University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources graduate Tyler Mudd sees farming through a different lens. He photographs everyday farm events with a keen eye for detail and lighting. Mudd wasn’t always able to see the beauty of the land tilled by four generations of Mudd farmers in Monroe County. He spent his freshman year of high…

Show-Me Hospitality

Two CAFNR graduates have spent their careers making Columbia a welcoming place to stay

In January 2015, USA Today ranked Columbia, Missouri, as the No. 2 spot for a “dynamite daytrip.” Two hospitality management graduates have been crucial in creating the city’s fun and relaxed personality that earned such a high rating. Currently serving as the director and sales manager at the Columbia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau respectively, Amy Schneider (’00) and Beth Mead…

Investing in the Future

Alumnus finds many ways to help CAFNR students prosper during college and after

It may have been 54 years ago, but Dudley and Virgie Alexander still remember what it was like to be a newlywed couple with an infant son when Dudley was finishing up his master’s degree at the University of Missouri. They were able to get by through a scholarship given by the College of Agriculture (as it was known then).…