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A Legacy of Hospitality

Three generations of the Bond family reflect on their commitment to the industry and to MU

Denny Bond (B.A. ’67, B.S. ’68, M.Ed. ’69, U.S. Army Military Science ’69) smiles as he remembers the early days of his career – the days after returning home from Vietnam and deciding what career to pursue. He recalls the days of working as a front desk manager at the Muehlbach Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, checking in guests and hanging…

Show-Me Hospitality

Two CAFNR graduates have spent their careers making Columbia a welcoming place to stay

In January 2015, USA Today ranked Columbia, Missouri, as the No. 2 spot for a “dynamite daytrip.” Two hospitality management graduates have been crucial in creating the city’s fun and relaxed personality that earned such a high rating. Currently serving as the director and sales manager at the Columbia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau respectively, Amy Schneider (’00) and Beth Mead…

An Active Alumna

Colleen Abbott, MU grad, is giving back to a college that has given her so much

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources can often leave a lasting impact on its students. An impact so strong that keeps them coming back even after graduation. This was the case for Colleen Abbot, president of the MU Ag Alumni Board of Directors.

A Historic Tree

Mizzou's 175th anniversary tree is a collaboration with CAFNR roots

On a crisp autumn morning, Wayne Lovelace again did what he knows best – plant a tree.

Part of the Crew

What's it like to be grounds manager of a major league team?

Graduates of CAFNR’s Turfgrass Science program can go far.