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Dusty Walter named superintendent at the Hugo Wurdack Research Center and director of natural resources management for CAFNR's out-state research center network

Dusty Walter tapped as the natural resources manager for CAFNR’s research center network and superintendent of the Hugo Wurdack Research Center. The Columbia, Mo. native brings creative approaches to integrating agriculture and forestry.

What Are Trees Worth?

Establishing a timber tax basis can save money

Timber is usually taxed as a long-term capital gain, so landowners can subtract their cost basis when figuring tax liability. But if landowners don’t have this basis, they have to pay tax on the full amount of the sale.

Fueling the future

The Center for Agroforestry helps a biobased economy take root in the Midwest

Shibu Jose, director of MU’s Center for Agroforestry, envisions a 10-state biomass corridor that could fuel economic growth, power vehicles and jet planes and provide valuable ecosystem services throughout the region.