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Love’s Busiest Day

Tiger Garden Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year at Tiger Garden. They expect to go through 800 bouquets and 3,000 roses by the end of the week.

Adding Some Class

A student's design dresses up a corner of the Ag Building

No one ever accused the poor Agriculture Building as being a Mizzou design icon.  For its 50 year history, the bland and windowless building was derided as Sam’s Slab Lab, the Fortress and the Federal Reserve Bank. The structure recently gained a little respect, aesthetically.  A redesigned landscape was unveiled earlier this month perking up the building overshadowed by the…

A Concrete Pedigree

A bit of Boss Tom's history lives in the Ag Building

With its drab façade, Mizzou’s Agriculture Building is easy to pass by. However, unknown to most, the building has an indirect connection to an unsavory part of Kansas City history. It was designed by a frequent architect of one of the most notorious political bosses of the 1930s.

Sam’s Slab Lab

The Ag Building and its, uh, unique architecture turns 50 years old

It is easy to overlook the drab MU Ag Building. But it is connected to a presidential library, the US Embassy in London, one of the most beautiful buildings in America, and a notorious crime boss.