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CAFNR Plant Scientist Named AAAS Fellow

Bing Yang recognized for contributions in plant genomics 

In recognition of nearly two decades of work creating rice varieties resistant to certain types of bacteria, Bing Yang, professor of plant sciences, was named as a 2022 American Association for the Advancement of Science fellow. “There is so much diversity within the Society, and it is an honor to be among them,” Yang said. “The recognition of my work…

‘The Pinnacle of My Career’

Peter Sutovsky named 2019 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Growing up in Slovakia, a young Peter Sutovsky would often hold his own science-based lectures in front of his elementary classmates. Those lectures would generally focus on insects, as Sutovsky had a big interest in entomology. “I would bring in my insect collection and explain how the organs of a male beetle were different than the organs of a female…