French Agriculture, Viticulture & Culture (Internship Available)

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Location PURPAN University
Application Due March 15, 2022
Academic Date May 27 – June 25, 2022
Academic + Internship Date May 27 – July 23, 2022
Credit Hours 6-9, depending on internship option
Requirements 2.5 MU GPA at time of application. Good academic standing. Open to all MU students.
Estimated cost $7,969* (academic session + internship) (doesn't include airfare)
Contact Shanon Dickerson, Director of Study Abroad
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The Ecole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN’s Summer Study Abroad Program offers an on-campus program in May/June and an optional internship in June/July.  Students choose between these two options when they apply for the program.

Study abroad program (4 weeks in May/June)

The on-campus component of the program consists of lectures in English coupled with field trips and intensive French courses. During most weekends, cultural visits and excursions are organized in the South-West of France.

  • The first two weeks are dedicated to culture, agriculture and animal chains in Europe.
  • The last two weeks focus on either crop production and food processing or viticulture and enology.

Optional internship program (4 weeks in June/July)

The internship option has been designed for students with interests in farm/agriculture business stays. According to the students’ interests, PURPAN can provide internships in animal production (dairy cows/beef cattle, sheep/goat milk, pigs, etc.), agro-tourism, plant production (main crops, horticulture), vineyards/wineries, etc. The internship directly follows the on-campus program.  Don’t miss out on this résumé building opportunity to gain work experience abroad!


Located in the Haute-Garonne department of southwestern France, Toulouse is the country’s fourth largest metropolitan area, with a population of approximately 1.2 million inhabitants. Toulouse is also home to almost 120,000 university students spread amongst its many campuses. Toulouse is the primary hub of the European aerospace industry because it is home to the headquarters of Airbus, one of the world’s largest airplane producers. Toulouse also houses two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Canal du Midi and the Basilica of St. Sernin.

Because of the variety of internship placements, locations for the second half of the program will also vary. Due to the nature of many of the internships, participants can expect to be in a rural setting, often a family-owned farm or vineyard. This gives students the opportunity to see both sides of France—urban and rural. It also offers a wonderful opportunity to see “real” France, as participants most often work, eat, interact, and live with a French family.

Accommodation and Meals

All housing costs are included in the program fee. While at PURPAN, students will be housed in  off campus accommodations. Participants share flats that typically have individual rooms, individual bathrooms (shower and toilets), and a shared kitchen and living space.

Most of the meals necessary for the duration of the program are included in the program fee. During the academic session, lunches are available at the student restaurant on campus; students receive a stipend for other meals (which is usually sufficient assuming that participants cook their own meals in the shared kitchen). During the internship, meals are provided by the host family, making the internship mutually beneficial as the families provide interns with lodging and meals in exchange for the work completed by the intern.

Most students find this combination of stipend and directly-provided meals to be more than sufficient to cover all meal costs. However, individual spending and dining habits may vary. Students wishing to dine more expensively may need to supplement the stipend with additional out-of-pocket funds and should also budget for the occasional restaurant meal during their own free time.

Program Travel

Students considering travel to France should make plans for COVID-19 vaccination such that they will have had 2nd dose + 5 mos. + booster + 7 days before traveling to France in order to comply with a new French government requirement for obtaining the French vaccine pass that is required to enter most public places in France.

Students will arrange their own round-trip travel to Toulouse and will be provided with suggested flight dates and arrival times. For budgeting purposes, estimates are provided below. Students who wish to have the cost of their flight billed directly to their MU accounts should contact the Director of Study Abroad to make arrangements through MU’s preferred travel agency. Transportation from the Toulouse airport to PURPAN will be provided. Once in Toulouse, all program-related travel is included in the program fee.


Students earn either six (academic program only) or nine (academic program + internship) credits upon successful completion of the program.

Academic session credits: AFNR 2190 (3 credits): International Agriculture and Natural Resources AFNR 2191 (3 credits): International Agriculture and Natural Resources—Humanities

Internship credits: AFNR 4993 (3 credits): Internship in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

All program courses are graded on an S/U basis. Students should work with their advisors to determine how these credits will count toward their individual graduation plans.

Please be aware that there will be mandatory orientation meetings prior to departure. The meetings will typically occur in April. Dates and times for the meetings will be available shortly after the confirmed program participant list is finalized, generally around mid-March. Participants will be notified of the meeting details via email.

Estimated Cost

For Academic Session + Internship

Non-refundable deposit: $350
Missouri Resident Tuition (9 credits):
*Non-resident students will also be billed non-resident fees
CAFNR Supplemental Course Fees: $524
IT Fees: $135
Health Fee: $102
Student Activity Fee: $240
Rec Center Fee: $162
Intl Center Fees: $245
Program Fees: $3,319
Total cost estimate without airfare: (includes accommodation and some meals) $7,969
Airfare estimate: $1,400-$1,800
Additional misc. estimate: $750

*Because this is an exchange program, the MU Health, Student Activity and Recreation Center Fees are also assessed to participants’ MU accounts.