Study Abroad Loans and Scholarships


Students planning to use Federal, State or Institutional Financial Aid for study abroad should make an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor at 573-882-7506.

CAFNR undergraduate students participating in any MU CAFNR, MU sponsored, or MU affiliated study abroad program may be eligible for a CAFNR study abroad loan up to $3,500. Students must meet with the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor  (573-882-7506) to determine financial need first. After meeting with Financial Aid, please contact Lena Johnson for additional information on CAFNR study abroad loans.

CAFNR General Study Abroad Scholarships

CAFNR annually provides over $85,000 in study abroad scholarships specifically for CAFNR undergraduate students.

If you are a CAFNR undergraduate student participating in any MU CAFNR, MU sponsored, or MU affiliated study abroad program, you can apply for a CAFNR General Study Abroad Scholarship. Scholarship awards are based on academic merit, financial need and program costs, and typically range from $500 to $1,000 for short-term programs and $1,000 to $1,500 for semester programs.

Application deadlines for the CAFNR General Scholarship are as follows:

  • October 15: Winter Break, Spring Break and Spring Semester programs
  • March 15: Summer and Fall Semester programs

CAFNR Study Abroad Scholarship Application (Word)

CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarship

CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarships are designed to support international education experiences for CAFNR undergraduate students with high financial need. Specifically, the aim of the CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarship program is to encourage students who may not otherwise apply and/or participate in study abroad programs due to individual financial limitations to apply for and successfully participate in CAFNR study abroad programs.

Scholarship recipients will receive an award of $2,000 – $2,500 to be applied toward the cost of an eligible CAFNR study abroad program.