Water and Environmental Management at UniLaSalle

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Quick Information

Location UniLaSalle
Application Due October 1, 2021
Academic Date January – May 2022 (Program only offered spring semester)
Credit Hours 16
Requirements 3.0 MU GPA at time of application. Good academic standing. Junior standing during semester of study abroad. Open to CAFNR students in the field of Geo, Life, Agricultural or Environmental Sciences.
Estimated cost $5,362 (doesn't include airfare)
Contact Shanon Dickerson, Director of Study Abroad
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The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) participates in a specialized direct enrollment program with UniLaSalle in Beauvais, France. Students live in the international student housing,  take a set group of Water and Environmental Management courses and enjoy a weeklong fieldtrip in both France and Italy!

The semester study abroad program at UniLaSalle offers an amazing opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a new culture and country.  One hour away from Paris by train, students can easily explore Europe during their free time. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and spend the spring semester studying abroad in France!


Located in Northern France, Beauvais is a quaint and lovely city.  The Picardy region, home of UniLaSalle, is well-known for its beautiful villages and its inspiring gothic cathedrals.  In addition, it also has many interesting theaters, parks and museums.  The most visited country in the world, France is also famous for its gastronomy, wines and cheeses.  The fine restaurants of Beauvais hold up to this reputation and the charming city streets are reminiscent of the rich cultural heritage of the town.

Accommodation and Meals

Students will be housed in UniLaSalle’s international student residence hall. Generally, students can expect a shared room with breakfast included and kitchen access.  Shared room housing costs (with bunk bed and shared bathroom) are included in the program fee. Single accommodations available at an additional fee and subject to availability.  The meal estimate below is based on purchasing lunch and dinner at the university restaurant on campus.  Dining habits will determine whether a participant will need to supplement their meal plan with additional funds. In addition, students should reserve some of their own funds for occasional restaurant and other dining.

Program Travel

Students will need to go to Chicago to apply in person for their visa. Associated travel and fees are not included in the program cost.

Students will arrange their own round-trip travel to UniLaSalle and will be provided with suggested flight dates and arrival times. For budgeting purposes, estimates are provided below. Students who wish to have the cost of their flight billed directly to their MU accounts should contact the Director of Study Abroad to make arrangements through MU’s preferred travel agency.


Students will be enrolled in 16 credits of AFNR _0590, an International Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources “placeholder” course. This “placeholder” enrollment corresponds to the 32 ECTS credits in which students will be enrolled at UniLaSalle. At the conclusion of the program, final grades are issued by UniLasalle. These credits transfer back to MU on an S/U basis, with 32 ECTS credits transferring as 16 MU credits.

Students must complete a Course Proposal for Study Abroad with assistance from the CAFNR Director of Study Abroad. Once this is completed, students will work with their advisors to determine how the credits will count toward their individual graduation plans. Students who successfully complete the UniLaSalle study abroad program in addition to Environmental Science 1100 (Introduction to Environmental Science) are eligible for a minor in Environmental Science. To declare the minor, please visit the CAFNR Forms & Requirements website and submit the online minor application. Visit the CAFNR Office of Academic Programs, 2-64 Agriculture Building, for any questions related to the Environmental Science minor.

Required Courses

Forestry 4390 (3 Credit Hours)
Watershed Management & Water Quality

Environmental Science 4320 (3 Credit Hours)
Hydrologic & Water Quality Modelling

Geology 4100 (3 Credit Hours)
Groundwater Hydrology

Environmental Science 3250 (3 Credit Hours)
Pollutant Fate & Transport

Natural Resources 3290 (2 Credit Hours)
Hydrologic Measurement Techniques

Humanities 1000 Level Elective (2 Credit Hours)

Please be aware that there will be a mandatory orientation class meeting prior to departure. Participants will be notified of the class meeting details via email.

Estimated Cost

Non-refundable deposit: $350
Missouri Resident Tuition (16 credits):
*Non-resident students will also be billed non-resident fees.
CAFNR supplemental course fees: $932
IT Fees: $240
Health Fee: $102
Student Activity Fee: $240
Rec Center Fee: $162
Program Fee: $2,650
Intl Center Fees: $245
UniLaSalle Spring 2022 Grant

Total cost estimate without airfare: (includes accommodation and most meals)

– $4,700**


Airfare estimate: $1,500
Additional meals estimate: $1,500
Additional misc. estimate: $500

**UniLaSalle will award 3 grants to the value of approximately $4,700 USD to CAFNR Study Abroad students in spring 2022. Grant recipients will open a French bank account (which takes 1.5 weeks), and 80% of the grant will be deposited into the account after they arrive and the other 20% will be deposited later in the semester.