CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarship

CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarships are designed to support international education experiences for CAFNR undergraduate students with high financial need. Specifically, the aim of the CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarship program is to encourage students who may not otherwise apply and/or participate in study abroad programs due to individual financial limitations, to apply for and successfully participate in CAFNR study abroad programs.

Application Deadlines & Award Information

Study abroad requires advance planning. Scholarship recipients will receive an award of $2,000 – $2,500 to be applied toward the cost of an eligible CAFNR study abroad program.  Application deadlines for the CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarship are as follows:

  • October 15, 5 p.m. Central: Winter Break, Spring Break and Spring Semester programs
  • March 15, 5 p.m. Central: Summer and Fall Semester programs

Eligibility Requirements & Program Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be a current, full-time, on-campus CAFNR undergraduate student who has been a full-time, on-campus CAFNR student for at least one full semester (fall/spring) prior to the scholarship application deadline;
  • Be Pell Grant eligible;
  • Have a minimum 2.50 MU GPA;
  • Not have previously had CAFNR International Empowerment funding applied toward the cost of a study abroad program.

Scholarship awards may be applied to programs meeting the following criteria:

  • Must be a CAFNR-administered study abroad program
  • Minimum duration of the program is three weeks (21 days) in the host country (does not include travel time)

Application Process

Applicants must meet all application deadlines as outlined above. Late submissions will not be accepted. Due to the highly competitive nature of this scholarship, no exceptions will be granted.
Applicants are required to submit:

  • Statement of Purpose Essay
  • Follow-Up Project Proposal
    • Scholarship award winners who participate in a CAFNR study abroad program will be required to submit a two-page report detailing the completed project and outcomes to the Director of Study Abroad within six months of their return.

Application materials must be submitted via Mizzou email account in PDF format OR delivered in person in hard copy format (which requires hand-written signature).

ATTN: Shanon Dickerson, Director of Study Abroad
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Academic Programs Office
2-64 Agriculture
Columbia, MO 65211

Statement of Purpose:

Submit a two- to three-page typed, double-spaced essay detailing how your experience abroad will impact your academic, personal, and professional/career goals. Keep in mind the specific host country chosen (if available), the duration of the program, practical skills to be gained, motivation for studying abroad, etc.

Though there is no strict format for the personal statement, applicants should be aware that essays will be evaluated on the basis of cohesiveness, clarity and efficiency of communication (including grammar, word choice, etc.), substantive development of ideas, and evidence of personal forethought and reflection. Students are encouraged to utilize available campus resources, including the MU Writing Center, when composing personal statements.

Follow-Up Project:

Submit a detailed proposal for a project to be completed after your return from studying abroad. The purpose of this project should be to promote and support CAFNR study abroad programs, the CAFNR International Empowerment Scholarship, or CAFNR student international experiences. Your proposal should include:

  • Project goals
  • Target audience
  • Anticipated impact
  • Organizations, departments, faculty/staff members, etc. with whom you may collaborate
    • Have you been in contact with these collaborators prior to submitting your application?

Projects should be completed within 6 months of your return. Once completed, award recipients will be required to submit a two-page report detailing the completed project and outcomes to the CAFNR Director of Study Abroad.

Expiration & Contingencies

Award recipients:

  • Must apply to and be accepted into an eligible program
  • Must meet all program application and confirmation deadlines
  • Are not guaranteed acceptance into a study abroad program; applications to specific programs will be evaluated per said program’s standard program application review process
  • Must maintain full-time enrollment as a CAFNR undergraduate student for all terms (fall & spring) following notification of scholarship award
  • Must maintain both term and cumulative GPAs of 2.50 or higher for all terms following notification of scholarship award
  • Must maintain good academic & disciplinary standing
  • Must maintain Pell Grant eligibility
  • Are not eligible for additional CAFNR general study abroad scholarship funding for the same term

 Scholarship Awards:

  • May only be applied to programs occurring in terms for which the initial application was submitted
    • March 15 application deadline: Awards must be applied to Summer and Fall Semester programs in the same calendar year.
    • Oct. 15 application deadline: Awards must be applied to Winter Break, Spring Break and Spring Semester programs in the same academic year.
    • Scholarship award recipients not using the award for the applicable terms (as outlined above) forfeit the award amount; however, these students may reapply in the future.
  • Once awarded and used, scholarship recipients are ineligible to apply for/receive additional CAFNR International Empowerment Funding