Ten CAFNR Students Awarded S.T.A.R Recognition

Over the course of the fall semester, these 10 students participated in at least five workshops offered by the Office of Undergraduate Research. In recognition of their efforts to prepare themselves professionally to engage in the process of research and scholarship, they were awarded the S.T.A.R. recognition. The Student Training for Advancing Research program was conceived as a way to engage students in the high-impact practice of research, with topics ranging from “Getting Started in Research,” to responsible conduct of research, basics of human subjects research, discussions with alumni, and conversations with faculty researchers from across campus.

The following students received the recognition:

  • Autumn Bruce, Animal Sciences
  • Margaret Caldwell, Animal Sciences
  • Hawaa Fayed, Biochemistry
  • Leah Groene, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
  • Preston Kellenberger, Biochemistry
  • Caitlyn Kleffner, Animal Sciences
  • Hugh Knopp, Biochemistry
  • Samantha McNealy, Animal Sciences
  • Seun Obanigba, Biochemistry
  • Ann Walters, Biochemistry