Student Organizations Earn Prizes During College Roadshow Live Taping

CAFNR welcomed alum Tyne Morgan, host of U.S. Farm Report, to campus in early November for the live taping of the College Roadshow. There were two competitions that student organizations participated in, with the top performers earning money for their club.

“We are all Farmers at Heart” Video Competition
First place: Torq’N Tigers – $1,500
Second place: Sigma Alpha – $1,500
Third place: NAMA – $750
Fourth place: Women of Natural Resources – $750

Sign Competition
First place: NAMA – $750

The other 9 winners were: Madelynn Gastler, Lauren Gilbert, Agronomy Club (4 signs), NAMA and Torq’N Tigers (2 signs)

Greatest Number of Members Present
Sigma Alpha – $250