MU Soil Judging Team Competes in Minnesota

The University of Missouri Soil Judging team recently competed in the Region V Collegiate Soil Judging Contest in Crookston, Minnesota. A total of seven universities and more than 150 students competed. Jacob Wolken, a senior in environmental sciences, finished fourth overall in the individual competition. In a competition for group judging with mixed teams from different universities, MU combined its efforts with South Dakota State University and Kansas State University to finish first.

The team is coached by Kerry Clark, director of CAFNR International Programs; Taryn Bradley, graduate student in natural resources; and Shae Meyer, senior in environmental sciences.

The MU team includes:

  • Jessica Anderson, senior, environmental sciences
  • Wesley Clarkston, senior, geology
  • Emma Critchfield, junior, plant sciences
  • Rosie Garza, sophomore, environmental sciences
  • Carlin Gray, senior, biochemistry
  • Kyrsten Gray, senior, geology
  • Alex Kalisz, junior, environmental sciences
  • Jacob Wolken, senior, environmental sciences