Mizzou Livestock Judging Team Competes at All-East Livestock Contest

The Mizzou livestock judging team recently competed at the 2022 All-East Livestock contest on the Ohio State University campus. The competition consisted of three separate contests over the course of three days: breeding animal selection, market animal evaluation and livestock judging.

The Mizzou students who participated in the contest include the following animal sciences majors: Lauren Crutsinger (sophomore), Hannah Hoelscher (junior), Caleigh Grote (junior), Alexia Sweiger (junior), Bella Caudell (junior), Dakota Pemberton (junior), Madison Coleman and Clint Bailey.

Breeding Animal Selection
1st Place Overall
Caleigh Grote, 1st Place
Lauren Crutsinger, 7th Place
Alexia Sweiger, 9th Place
1st Place Swine
Caleigh Grote, 2nd Place
Lauren Crutsinger, 8th Place
1st Place Beef
Lauren Crutsinger, 2nd Place
Caleigh Grote, 3rd Place
Hannah Hoelscher, 8th Place
Alexia Sweiger, 9th Place
5th Place Sheep
Caleigh Grote, 2nd Place

Livestock Judging Contest
3rd Place Overall
Lauren Crutsinger, 7th Place
Alexia Sweiger, 8th Place
1st Place Beef
Caleigh Grote, 5th Place
Lauren Crutsinger, 6th Place
Madison Coleman, 7th Place
2nd Place Swine
Alexia Sweiger, 4th Place
Madison Coleman, 9th Place
4th Place Sheep/Goats
Dakota Pemberton, 3rd Place

4th Place Reasons

Market Animal Evaluation
5th Place Swine
5th Place Beef

Overall Contest
5th Place Overall
Caleigh Grote, 5th Place
2nd Team Beef
Caleigh Grote, 3rd Place
Caleigh Grote, 4th Place