Mizzou Academic Quadrathlon Team Wins American Society of Animal Science (Midwest) Competition

The Mizzou Academic Quadrathlon team recently competed at the American Society of Animal Science Midwest Section annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. The team took first place overall, with a third place finish in lab practicum; second place in the written exam; first in oral presentation; and first in quiz bowl.

The Academic Quadrathlon competition includes four areas where students have the opportunity to test their animal science knowledge. The lab practical offers a hands-on test that covers species of livestock and companion animals. In the oral presentation section, students are given a topic and must present to a panel on said topic. They must also answer questions from the panel. The final parts of the competition are a written exam and quiz bowl. The exam includes multiple questions that cover various disciplines of animal science such as genetics, physiology, nutrition and reproduction. In the quiz bowl, students must buzz in to answer the asked question.

The Mizzou team includes:

  • Braden Ast, Animal Sciences
  • Avery Hlavacek, Animal Sciences
  • Kirby Latimer, Animal Sciences
  • Heather Vaughn (Snow), Animal Sciences