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Torq’N Tigers Finish Second During ASABE Quarter Scale Tractor Competition

The University of Missouri Torq’N Tigers team recently earned second place honors during the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition. To go along with the second-place finish, the team also took top honors in the Overall Performance Event.

This was the 25th anniversary of the event, which took place June 2-6 in Peoria, Ill. Students are challenged to harness the power and torque of a specified stock engine during the competition, in order to maximize performance during a series of challenges. According to the ASABE website, “Teams of students are given a 31-hp Briggs & Stratton engine and a set of Titan tires. The design of their tractor is up to them. A panel of industry experts then judge each design for innovation, manufacturability, serviceability, safety, sound level, and ergonomics. Teams also submit a written design report in advance of the competition, and on-site, they must sell their design, in a formal presentation to industry experts playing the role of a corporate management team. Finally, machines are put to the test in three performance events – three tractor pulls, a maneuverability course, and a durability course.”

The MU Torq’N Tigers team competes in the ASABE International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition each year. The team provides its members the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge and gain hands-on experience, as well as develop professional skills and network.

Members of the Torq’N Tigers team include:

  • Will Adkins, junior, agricultural systems technology
  • Kyle Andrews, senior, agricultural systems technology
  • Trace Chambers, senior, agricultural systems technology
  • Garrett Clark, senior, plant sciences
  • Jonathan Ebbesmeyer, sophomore, mechanical engineering
  • Logan Finke, junior, agricultural systems technology
  • James Fischer, senior, agricultural systems technology
  • Laine Friedrich, senior, mechanical engineering
  • Ethan Gutz, junior, agricultural systems technology
  • Will Hanson, junior, agricultural systems technology
  • Josh Hellebusch, senior, mechanical engineering
  • Evan Hunter, senior, mechanical engineering
  • Tom Kabrick, senior, mechanical engineering
  • Robbie Magruder, senior, agricultural systems technology
  • Elijah Poehlman, senior, plant sciences
  • Andrew Slater, senior, mechanical engineering

CAFNR Students Present During Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

Four CAFNR students participated in the Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol on Monday, April 11, in Jefferson City. A total of 11 projects were shared with legislators during the event.

Brogan Eyre, a senior majoring in plant sciences, presented on the efficacy of selected fungicides for the protection of wine grapes in Missouri. Lydia Jefferson, a senior studying environmental sciences, shared her research related to improving the understanding of how the overall health of freshwater bodies relates to land-use practices. Kathryn Vanden Hoek, junior biochemistry major, discussed her research on utilizing plant stress responses to clean up polluted soils. Brooke Weiler, a senior biochemistry major, showcased her research which focuses on measuring gene activity of bone-building cells in a mouse model of brittle bone disease.

MU Soil Judging Team Competes in Minnesota

The University of Missouri Soil Judging team recently competed in the Region V Collegiate Soil Judging Contest in Crookston, Minnesota. A total of seven universities and more than 150 students competed. Jacob Wolken, a senior in environmental sciences, finished fourth overall in the individual competition. In a competition for group judging with mixed teams from different universities, MU combined its efforts with South Dakota State University and Kansas State University to finish first.

The team is coached by Kerry Clark, director of CAFNR International Programs; Taryn Bradley, graduate student in natural resources; and Shae Meyer, senior in environmental sciences.

The MU team includes:

  • Jessica Anderson, senior, environmental sciences
  • Wesley Clarkston, senior, geology
  • Emma Critchfield, junior, plant sciences
  • Rosie Garza, sophomore, environmental sciences
  • Carlin Gray, senior, biochemistry
  • Kyrsten Gray, senior, geology
  • Alex Kalisz, junior, environmental sciences
  • Jacob Wolken, senior, environmental sciences

Torq’N Tigers Take First in Five Categories During ASABE Quarter Scale Tractor Competition

The University of Missouri Torq’N Tigers Quarter-Scale Tractor Team took first place in five categories during the recent American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) Quarter Scale Tractor Competition. The competition took place in late May and included in-person and virtual components.

The competition has students design and build a tractor, which is then put through multiple performance tests, including durability and maneuverability. Mizzou’s team finished first in durability, low hook 1100-pound class, high hook 1100-pound class, low hook 1600-pound class and high hook 1600-pound class.

The Torq’N Tigers team is led by advisor Leon Schumacher, professor and agricultural systems technology program coordinator. While the team is made up of predominantly College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) and College of Engineering students, all students are welcome to join. Students who attended this year’s competition were:

  • Andrew Aufdenberg, mechanical engineering
  • Daniel Bingham, agricultural systems technology
  • Trace Chambers, agricultural systems technology
  • James Fischer, agricultural systems technology
  • Ethan Gutz, agricultural systems technology
  • Josh Hellebusch, mechanical engineering
  • Thomas Kabrick, mechanical engineering
  • Andrew Slater, mechanical engineering