Guiding Coalition

To help ensure that the needs and priorities of the CAFNR community drive the Strategic Plan, we’ve established a Guiding Coalition of faculty, staff, and students to act as advisors as the plan is created.

The Guiding Coalition is involved in the planning process and advises and contributes to the activities related to creation of the plan. This group works alongside our leadership team and planning partners to ensure the proper stakeholder groups are engaged, the right questions are being asked, and the strategic goals are in alignment with what is best for CAFNR and its community.

The Guiding Coalition will convene on a regular basis through December 2017 – December 2018.


Vicki Bryan
President of Staff Council

Deborah L. Finke
Associate Professor
Division of Plant Sciences

Brandon McKnight
President Student Council

Tim Reinbott
Assistant Director
Agricultural Experiment Station

Thomas Spencer
Animal Sciences