Soil Characterization

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Physical Testing

  • Particle Size Determination by pipette method
  • Atterberg Limits Testing
  • Bulk Density determinations
  • Soil & Clay Surface Area determination by EGME method

Chemical Testing

  • % Total Carbon
  • % Organic Carbon
  • % Total Nitrogen
  • Exchangeable Cations by Ammonium Acetate extraction
  • Exchangeable Cations by Ammonium Chloride extraction
  • Direct determination of Cation Exchange Capacity
  • KCI Aluminum extraction
  • Titratable Acidity
  • Bray 1, Bray 2, and Olsen Phosphorus determination
  • Soil Electroconductivity
  • Sodium Absorption Ratio
  • Saturated Paste pH
  • Electroconductivity
  • Water and Salt pH
  • EPA method 3050 extractions


The Soil Health Assessment Center has a full suite of analytical instrumentation, including;

  • AA flame spectrophotometer
  • ICP spectrophotometer
  • Nitrogen and Carbon combustion analyzers
  • vacuum extractors
  • and a Kjeltec Auto distillation unit

We also prepare soil monoliths for archives, exhibits, and instruction.

The Soil Health Assessment Center is a participant in the NAPT program of the SSSA and is fully equipped and staffed by a dedicated team that can perform a wide array of soil properties tests in addition to those listed above.