Water Management

University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources faculty experts are available to comment on numerous aspects of water management, including drought, irrigation and weather.

B-roll and photos are available on request. Contact Logan Jackson for any media requests.


For Expert Comment on Drought

Bob Sharp, PhD
Director of Interdisciplinary Plant Group, Professor in Plant Sciences

His research focuses on the regulation of root and shoot growth responses to drought, using maize and soybean as model systems.

Felix Fritschi, PhD
C. Alice Donaldson Professor in Bioenergy Crop Physiology and Genetics

His main research interests are in the area of plant responses to abiotic stress. In particular, he emphasizes on effects of water deficit and heat on plant growth and productivity.

David Davis
Superintendent of Forage Systems Research Center

His experience includes growing forages during drought periods for all classes of beef cattle.


For Expert Comment on Irrigation

Kelly Nelson, PhD
Professor in Plant Sciences

His research is focused on increased agronomic production needs specific to Northeast Missouri, including drainage water management.


For Expert Comment on Weather

Pat Guinan, PhD
Associate Extension Professor in Climatology

He established the Missouri Mesonet, a system of 34 weather stations — 24 of which provide real-time weather updates across Missouri.

Gene Stevens, PhD
Extension Professor in Plant Sciences

His focus is on researching ways to improve production practices for numerous core crops, such as corn, rice, cotton and soybeans. He developed the Crop Water Use App, which assists farmers with their irrigation scheduling.