CAFNR Communications Fellows

The CAFNR Communications Fellows program invites a select group of faculty, administrators and superintendents to learn how to communicate science effectively to differing audiences.

The program is designed to empower the Fellows to become advocates for their own program areas and for CAFNR. The program’s goal is to hone the fine points of communicating through speeches, presentations, quick “elevator speeches” and media interviews, and then be available for comment when the need arises to announce a discovery or explain the basis of an issue.

Fellows are selected based on the topic areas they represent.


Andrew Biggs, Superintendent, Bradford Research Center
Jared Decker, Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences
Deborah Finke, Associate Professor, Plant Sciences
Dae-Young Kim, Associate Professor, Hospitality Management
Rebecca North, Assistant Professor, Water Quality
Wyatt Thompson, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Amy Weeks, Director, Jefferson Farm and Garden


Bob Schnabel, Research Associate Professor, Animal Sciences
Scott Brown, Research Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Applied Economics
Bruce Burdick, Superintendent, Hundley-Whaley Research Center
Eliza Tse, Professor and Chair, Hospitality Management
Melissa Mitchum, Associate Professor, Plant Sciences
Mengshi Lin, Associate Professor, Food Science


Ingolf Gruen, Associate Professor and Chair, Food Science
Jason Hubbart, Associate Professor, Forestry
Rob Kallenbach, Professor, Ag Extension-Plant Sciences
John Poehlmann, Assistant Director, Agricultural Research Centers
Justin Sexten, Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences
Jinglu Tan, Professor and Division Director, Food Systems and Bioengineering
Corinne Valdivia, Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics


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Mike Collins, Director, Division of Plant Sciences
Marci Crosby, Equine Instructor, Animal Sciences
Shari Freyermuth, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs; Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Advising, Biochemistry
Shibu Jose, H.E. Garrett Endowed Professor, Forestry; Director, The Center for Agroforestry
Azlin Mustapha, Professor, Food Science
Tim Reinbott, Superintendent, Bradford Research Center
Sandy Rikoon, Professor and Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor, Rural Sociology
Robert Sharp, Professor, Plant Sciences; Director, Interdisciplinary Plant Group