Marlon Guzman

Marlon GuzmanHometown: Columbia

Major and year: Parks, Recreation, and Sport, Senior

Activities, Clubs and Orgs: Mizzouthon, Diverse Student Association (DSA), Sport Park Recreation Tourism Association (SPRTA), First Generation Student Association (FGSA)

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Why did you want to become a CAFNR Ambassador? I wanted to become a CAFNR Ambassador to create relationships with incoming students and show them how CAFNR can be the right fit for them. Being in a big school can sometimes be scary when coming into a university but we still have a community feeling within CAFNR.

What has been your favorite part of your degree program so far? My favorite part has been able to be with like-minded people with similar career paths and learning how diverse the PRS program is.

Best study spot? The Columns or Student Center

Best place for a snack or coffee? Bubble Cup Tea downtown

Dream career? Working for a national park or traveling internationally learning how tourism is different around the world.

What do you love about CAFNR? I love the community within CAFNR and how all of the majors in CAFNR are intertwined in some way.

What advice do you have for incoming students? My advice is to really do research on different majors and be open to the idea of trying different classes that you are interested because you never know what new passion or interest you will gain from it.