Heather Snow

Heather SnowHometown: Columbia, MO

Major and year: Animal Sciences, Sophomore

Activities, Clubs and Orgs: Agricultural Future of America Student Advisory Team, Collegiate 4-H, Swine Club, Block and Bridle, Mizzou Christian Campus House International Student Ministry

Personal Pronouns: she/her/hers

Why did you want to become a CAFNR Ambassador? I wanted to become a CAFNR ambassador because I think CAFNR is the best college on Mizzou’s campus and I want to share that with other prospective students! I have found my home within CAFNR and it has made my college experience a positive one.

What has been your favorite part of your degree program so far? My favorite part of the Animal Science program so far has been the labs for Biology of Animal Production. We get to try new foods, work with every species of livestock animal, and learn about management practices on the various MU teaching farms!

Best study spot? I love the study rooms upstairs in the Student Center!

Best place for a snack or coffee? Memorial Union

Dream career? I would like to work in poultry or swine production in a management role.

What do you love about CAFNR? I love the community that CAFNR provides for its students, and that it is obvious that their #1 priority is us, the students.

What advice do you have for incoming students? Apply for as many scholarships as you can! Having financial aid will relieve some stress and allow you to get the most out of your college experience!