Charlie Dake

Charlie DakeHometown: Waterloo, IL

Major and year: Agribusiness Management; Freshman

Activities, Clubs and Orgs: Collegiate Farm Bureau, Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow,  Hall Government, TedxMU, Exceed Undergrad Research Assistant

Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Why did you want to become a CAFNR Ambassador? I wanted to show potential students that CAFNR is a place for everyone where anyone can find a community and prosper!

What has been your favorite part of your degree program so far? In microeconomics, my favorite class, I had the opportunity to make paper airplanes to illustrate constraints on production. It was fun and is just one example of how CAFNR and its professors are ensuring that their students are engaging and getting a high quality education.

Best study spot? The basement of the Student Center

Best place for a snack or coffee? Hitt Street Market

Dream career? Public Office/Economic advisor for a large municipality

What do you love about CAFNR? I love how CAFNR works hard to ensure that its students have the tools that they need to create success.

What advice do you have for incoming students? Find people in your degree field and don’t be afraid to talk with those who have been in your shoes.